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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 15, Number 2, February  2003

ISSN 0121-3784




  1. Effect of boar genotype on reproductive performance of the local sows of Zimbabwe; M Ncube, K Dzama, M Chimonyo, A Kanengoni

  2. Field procedures for the location and identification of stingless bees (Meliponinae); Félix A Moreno and  Adolfo F Cardozo (en Español)

  3. Backyard poultry production on small scale farms in Santa Clara province, Cuba; Alcides Pérez Bello y Guillermo Polanco Expósito (En Español)

  4. Marketing of free range local chickens in Morogoro and Kilosa urban markets, Tanzania; M R S Mlozi, A V M Kakengi, U M Minga, A M Mtambo  and J E Olsen

  5. Agro-industrial by-products, cowpea residues and urea-treatment of hay for supplementary dry season feeding of mature zebu oxen in Mali; P W  Bartholomew, R  Ly, M  Doumbia, T  Khibe, N'g  Kone and B  Traore

  6. Production and quality of seed of the Insurgente grass, Guinea and Llanero; J Carvajal Azcorra y M Lara del Río (En Español)

  7. Information dissemination for family poultry research and development; E F Guèye

  8. Rabbit growth performance in a subtropical and semi-arid environment: effects of fur clipping, ear length, and body temperature; S D Lukefahr and C A Ruiz-Feria

  9. Financial and reproductive performance of lactating-pregnant creole sows; D Mota-Rojas, M Alonso-Spilsbury, O M E Trujillo, N L   Mayagoitia, R Ramírez-Necoechea, I I Escobar and M J Valencia M J

  10. The effect of stage of growth and method of drying fresh herbage on in sacco dry matter degradability of three tropical forage legumes; J F Mupangwa, N T Ngongoni and H Hamudikuwanda


Short communications

  1. A note on the chemical composition and in vitro digestibility of common vegetables utilised in urban dairy systems of the east of Mexico City; L Arias, J Contreras, H Losada, D Grande, R Soriano, J Vieyra, J Cortés and J Rivera

  2. Repeatability of litter traits of Nigerian indigenous sows; A A Adeoye, I O Adeogun and J O Akinokun




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