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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 28, Number 3, March 2016
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Pastoralists’ perception of constraints affecting goat production in the Rift Valley region of Kenya; K A Kipronoh, H K Kiara, Y S Binepal, E Thuranira and J N Ombui

  2. Pregnancy rates in water buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) receiving the Ovsynch and pre-synchronization with prostaglandin protocols in lowland conditions in Colombia; A Saldarriaga Saldarriaga, D F Serna Gómez, B Londoño Soto, D S Ríos López, F Gual Restrepo, L F Gallego Arcila, S Montoya Botero, J A Berdugo Gutiérrez and D M Bolívar Vergara (Short communication) (In Spanish)

  3. Methane production from in vitro biodigesters was greater in a “plug-flow” than in a “dome” configuration; Nguyen Minh Triet, Duong Nguyen Khang and T R Preston

  4. Chemical characterization and physico-chemical indices of royal palm nuts from Artemisa for pigs; R Arias, J L Reyes, Daymara Bustamante, Leidys Jiménez, Y Caro and J Ly (In Spanish)

  5. The contribution of livestock production to climate change: a review; F O Sarkwa, E C Timpong-Jones, N Assuming-Bediako, S Aikins and T Adogla-Bessa

  6. Inclusion of three lipid sources in the diet of lactating cows under grazing on dry matter intake and digestibility; G Santana and H J Correa (In Spanish)

  7. Socio-economic, technical characteristics and challenges to local chicken production in the Western Highlands of Cameroon; T C Keambou, J R Kana, A M Ngah, A M Y Tedongmo, S Raquel Juliano, Frederico Lisita and Y Manjeli

  8. Molecular genetic characterization of Kivircik sheep breed raised in Western Anatolia; Onur Yilmaz, İbrahim Cemal, Orhan Karaca and Nezih Ata

  9. Dam weight, udder score and body condition score effect on calf birth weight and preweaning daily gain in Dhofari cattle breed; Salim Bahashwan and Salim Alfadli

  10. Effect of coppicing levels on the re-growth of Julbernardia globiflora; Oswin C Chibinga, Moses M Nyangito, Nashon R K Musimba, Joseph Simbaya and Moses T Daura

  11. Variation in the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) in dairy farms in northern Antioquia; Anderson Bastidas Duque, Rolando Barahona Rosales and Mario Cerón-Muñoz

  12. Genetic parameters and genetic trends for pre weaning traits in a population of Brahman cattle in Colombia; O D Vergara Garay, K Hernández López, A J Navarro Ramos, R Almanza Loaiza, C C Rugeles Pinto and N A Martínez Humanez (In Spanish)

  13. Consumers’ attitude towards meat consumption in India: insights from a survey in two metropolitan cities; A Suresh

  14. The effects of agricultural policy on the production of dairy cows at the Tizi-Ouzou wilaya, Algeria; M Chedded, A Coudret, B Metna and H Sallanon (In French)

  15. Effect of age of regrowth of Kikuyu grass (Pennisetum clandestinum) on production, milk quality and balance of nitrogen in Holstein cows; Héctor J Correa C, Ligia J Jaimes C, Juan H Avellaneda C, Martha L Pabón and Juan E Carulla F (In Spanish)

  16. Review on the role of honeybee in climate change mitigation and poverty alleviation; Yetimwork Gebremeskel Gebru, Awet Estifanos Gebre and Gebremedhn Beyene