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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 28, Number 1, January 2016
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Socio-economic determinants of milk production in Bangladesh: an implication on on-farm water use; M N Sultana, M M Uddin and K J Peters

  2. Compositional quality of cow’s milk and its seasonal variations in Bhutan; J Wangdi, T Zangmo, Karma, Mindu and P Bhujel

  3. Monthly variations of the sexual activity of the ewe Ouled Djellal raised in the region of Chlef, Algeria; Mourad Taherti, Rachid Kaidi and Hebib Aggad (In French)

  4. Growth and reproductive performance of Fogera cattle breed at Andassa Livestock Research Center; Assemu Tesfa, Dilip Kumar, Solomon Abegaz, Getinet Mekuriaw, Tewodross Bimerew, Adebabay Kebede, Addisu Bitew, Yeshewas Ferede, Hailu Mazengia and Mekonnen Tilahun

  5. Utility of lingual examination in identifying sentinel pigs for porcine cysticercosis serological studies in Taenia solium endemic areas; H A Ngowi

  6. Feed intake, nutrient digestibility and nitrogen retention by Moo Lath pigs fed ensiled banana pseudo-stem (Musa spp) and ensiled taro foliage (Colocasia esculenta); Bounlerth Sivilai, T R Preston and Lamphuey Kaensombath

  7. Local chicken production system assessment in two agro-ecological zones of South-Kivu (Democratic Republic of Congo); Y Mugumaarhahama, R B B Ayagirwe, V B Mutwedu, J M Sadiki, P Baenyi, A C Mushagalusa and E B Bisimwa (In French)

  8. Growth performance of Woyto-Guji and Central Highland goat breeds under traditional management system in Ethiopia; Netsanet Zergaw, Tadelle Dessie and Kefelegn Kebede

  9. Improving efficiency of the dairy value chain in Uganda; effect of action research–based interventions on milk quality and safety; J B Kaneene, P Ssajjakambwe, S Kisaka, P Vudriko, R Miller and J D Kabasa

  10. Fattening cattle in Lao PDR with cassava pulp; Phanthavong Vongsamphanh, Khamla Sengdavong and T R Preston

  11. Accessibility and use of information and communication tools among farmers for improving chicken production in Morogoro municipality, Tanzania; B A Temba, F K Kajuna, G S Pango and R Benard

  12. Voluntary intake and digestibility of Pennisetum purpureum associated to one legume forage (Arachis glabrata, Calliandra calothyrsus or Desmodium intortum) as protein source for guinea pigs; E Miégoué, F Tendonkeng, J Lemoufouet, N Mweugang Ngouopo, M N B Noumbissi, M D Fongang, G Zougou Tovignon, F Matumuini Ndzani Essie, A V Mboko, B Boukila and E Pamo Tedonkeng (In French)