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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 15, Number 9, September 2003
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Studies on selected browses of southeastern Nigeria with particular reference to their proximate and some endogenous anti - nutritional constituents; I C Okoli, Maureen O Anunobi, B E Obua, and V Enemuo

  2. Growth performance of indigenous pigs fed with Stylosanthes guianensis CIAT 184 as replacement for rice bran; Chanphone Keoboualapheth and Choke Mikled

  3. Effluent from biodigesters with different retention times for primary production and feed of Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus); San Thy and T R Preston

  4. Performance traits of pigs fed sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas L.) foliage ad libitum and graded levels of protein; C González, Ivonne Díaz, H Vecchionacce and J Ly

  5. The use of ensiled cassava leaves in diets for growing pigs. 3. The effect of graded levels of palm oil on performance traits; Chhayty, T R Preston, J Ly and Keo Sath

  6. Incidence and modulating effects of environmental factors on trypanosomosis, peste des petit ruminants (PPR) and bronchopneumonia of West African dwarf goats in Imo state, Nigeria; I C Okoli

  7. Evolution of Milk Production Systems in Tropical Latin America and its interrelationship with Markets: An Analysis of the Colombian Case; Federico Holmann, Libardo Rivas, Juan Carulla, Bernardo Rivera, Luis A Giraldo, Silvio Guzman, Manuel Martinez, Anderson Medina and Andrew Farrow

  8. Hatching performance of backyard hens in Peshawar, Pakistan; M Farooq, F R Durrani, K Javed, K Irfanullah and N Chand

Short communications

  1. The use of an indigenous parasitic plant (Viscum verrocosum) in reducing faecal egg counts in female Tswana goats; O R Madibela and K Jansen