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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 15, Number 8, August 2003
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. The effect of crude palm oil on total tract digestibility of pigs fed trichanthera (Trichanthera gigantea H.B.K. Stend) foliage meal; Yelitza Seijas, C González, H Vecchionacce, E Hurtado and J Ly

  2. The performance of growing pullets fed diets with varying energy and leucaena leaf meal levels; S K Mutayoba, B M Mutayoba and P Okot

  3. Growth performance, nutrient digestibility and carcass characteristic of growing rabbits fed cashew apple waste; A O Fanimo, O O Oduguwa, A A Alade, T O Ogunnaike and A K Adesehinwa

  4. The use of ensiled cassava leaves in diets for growing pigs. 2. The influence of type of palm oil and cassava leaf maturity on digestibility and N balance for growing pigs; Chhay Ty, T R Preston and J Ly

  5. Feed intake, digestibility and N retention of a diet of water spinach supplemented with palm oil and / or broken rice and dried fish for growing pigs; Prak Kea, T R Preston and J Ly

  6. Effect of grass or cassava foliage on growth and nematode parasite infestation in goats fed low or high protein diets in confinement; Seng Sokerya and T R Preston