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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 15, Number 12, December 2003
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Methods and strategies for training and extension in family poultry production; E F Guèye (En francais)

  2. Detection of anthelmintic efficiency in nematodes of hair sheep using the faecal egg reduction test; R González-Garduño, G Torres-Hernández, M G J Nuncio-Ochoa, J A Cuéllar-Ordaz and M E Zermeño-García (En español)

  3. Reproductive efficiency and profitability of weaned lambs in hair sheep production systems in Northeast Mexico; Arnoldo González Reyna, María de J Higuera Marín, Homero Hernández Amaro, Pedro C Estrada Bellman, Erasmo Gutiérrez Ornelas, Javier Colín Negrete y Eugenia G Cienfuegos Rivas (En español)

  4. Macro-minerals bioavailability study in goats fed forages of nitrogen fertilized Guinea grass and Guinea grass-Verano stylo mixture; M A Bamikole

  5. Two methods for the establishment of a silvopastoral system in degraded pasture land; Margarida M Carvalho, Carlos Renato T Castro, Luiz Carlos T Yamaguchi, Maurílio José Alvim, Vicente P Freitas and Deise Ferreira Xavier

  6. Protein-energy supplementation for cattle raised on tropical pastures: Theoretical aspects and main results published in Brazil.; Pedro Malafaia, Luciano da Silva Cabral, Ricardo Augusto Mendonça Vieira, Rogério Magnoli Costa, Carlos Augusto Brandão de Carvalho (Em Português)

  7. Potential of seeds of Napoleona imperialis (p. beauv) as a source of haemolytic saponin and feed ingredients; U H Ukpabi and U J Ukpabi

  8. Socio-economic characteristics of pig farmers as determinant of pig feeding pattern in Oyo state, Nigeria; A O K Adesehinwa, G E O Makinde and O I Oladele

  9. The performance of West African Dwarf goats on soybean milk residue, cowpea seed waste and corn starch residue; S M Odeyinka, O JOyedele and P A Olubunmi