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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 15, Number 10, October 2003
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Effect of Stylo 184 (Stylosanthes guianensis CIAT 184) and Gamba grass (Andropogon gayanus cv. Kent) in diets for growing goats; Phonepaseuth Phengsavanh and Inger Ledin

  2. Production strategies for coping with the demand and supply of pork in some peri-urban areas of Southwestern Nigeria; A O K Adesehinwa, S O Aribido, G O Oyediji and A A Obiniyi

  3. The comparative performance of N'Dama and N'Dama Crossbred cows under two supplementation levels in The Gambia; F S Nouala, O O Akinbamijo, N A Bosso and K Agyemang

  4. Genetic variability of alternative measures of scrotal circumference in Nellore cattle; Arcadio de los Reyes Borjas, Mauricio A Elzo, Raysildo Barbosa Lôbo, Luiz A F Bezerra and Claudio de U Magnabosco (en español)

  5. Effects of selection of young Nellore bulls for scrotal circumference on growth traits of their progenies; Arcadio de los Reyes Borjas, Mauricio A Elzo, Raysildo Barbosa Lôbo and Luiz A Framartino Bezerra (en español)

  6. Testicular growth and semen quality in peripuberal Brahman bulls; Luis Vásquez, Oscar Vera y Jesús Arango

  7. Milk production performance and inter-relationship among traits of economic importance in buffaloes maintained at commercial dairy farms; S K Hamid, M Farooq, M A Mian, M Syed and S Jamal

  8. Environmental impact of milk production systems in Colombia and alternative solutions; E Murgueitio (en español)